Week 8 Update

Following last week’s progress on front-end development, I’ve now re-directed my focus toward some needed extensions for OPeNDAP’s code base.  To highlight what changes are needed, some background on our provenance designs will be helpful. Based on discussions throughout the summer, our group has settled on a provenance record design Continue reading Week 8 Update

Week 7 Update

Over the past week, our group’s focus has been on implementation work for OPeNDAP’s provenance browser.  The approach we’ve taken relies upon three types of data: Sample provenance records for OPeNDAP’s server processing. Records describing OPeNDAP modules called by the server. Developers responsible for maintaining modules. Each of these three Continue reading Week 7 Update

Week 1 – Getting up to speed

Last Tuesday, the kickoff meeting for Project 5 was held at RPI.  For this project, our goal will be to extend the OpenDAP framework – a data access framework widely used in earth and space science – with extensions for provenance tracking.  Through developing these extensions, we seek to enable Continue reading Week 1 – Getting up to speed