Week 6: Bibliometrics Results and Visualization


This week I worked on the rest of the bibliometrics analysis for the articles published by those associated with DataONE which are currently in Library 1 in Zotero. I also did some frequency counts of the articles in library 1 and created an Impact Score based on citations and the altmetric score for each article. I had a bit of a set back with the organization of Library 1 and am working with my mentor to review it for accuracy. Therefore, the results in this post may change a bit in my final summary report but you can get the overall idea of the results that I discuss below. The programs I used to analyze the articles include the Bibliometrix package in R, Bibexcel, Excel, and VOSviewer. Currently, the VOSviewer bibliographic maps at the end are static images. If you have the tool they are interactive making the information more clear. My hope is to work with the folks at DataONE to host the interactive maps on their server so this element can be included. All data were extracted from Scopus and if not available in Scopus, then Web of Science.

DataONE Impact Score: Top 10 Articles

Using each article’s altmetrics score (see week 4’s post for more info) and total Cited By value (the total number of times the article was cited by other articles).

  • Data reuse and the open data citation advantage 59.8
  • Data sharing by scientists: Practices and perceptions 50.9
  • Altmetrics: Value all research products 39.9
  • Publishing frontiers: The library reboot 35.4
  • The current state of citizen science as a tool for ecological research and public engagement 29.1
  • Next Steps for Citizen Science 25.3
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Open Data in Ecology 24.5
  • Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage 23.8
  • Big data and the future of ecology 22.4
  • Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Good Data Management Plan 21.2


  • I ran a correlation to see if there was a relationship between the Altmetrics Score and the Cited By value. There is not a correlation between the two, indicating that a high Altmetrics score does not mean there will be a high/low Cited By amount and vice versa. 

Top 10 most cited articles

Data sharing by scientists: Practices and perceptionsTenopir, C; Allard, S; Douglass, K; Aydinoglu, A; Wu, L; Read, E; Manoff, M; Frame M436
The current state of citizen science as a tool for ecological research and public engagementDickinson, J; Shirk, J; Bonter, D; Bonney, R; Crain, R; Martin, J; Phillips, T; Purcell, K399
Challenges and Opportunities of Open Data in EcologyReichman, O. J.; Jones, M.B.; Shildhauer, MP320
Next Steps for Citizen ScienceBonney, Rick; Shirk, Jennifer L.; Phillips, Tina B.; Wiggins, Andrea; Ballard, Heidi L.; Miller-Rushing, Abraham J.; Parrish, Julia K.299
Big data and the future of ecologyHampton, Stephanie E.; Strasser, Carly A.; Tewksbury, Joshua J.; Gram, Wendy K.; Budden, Amber E.; Batcheller, Archer L.; Duke, Clifford S.; Porter, John H.286
The future of citizen science: emerging technologies and shifting paradigmsNewman, Greg; Wiggins, Andrea; Crall, Alycia; Graham, Eric; Newman, Sarah; Crowston, Kevin215
Ecoinformatics: Supporting ecology as a data-intensive scienceMichener, W.K.; Jones, M.B.197
The history of public participation in ecological researchMiller-Rushing, A.; Primack, Richard; Bonney, Rick186
Altmetrics: Value all research productsPiwowar, Heather165
Data reuse and the open data citation advantagePiwowar, Heather A.; Vision, Todd J.160

Total Number of Citation to Library 1 Articles by Year

  • 2010: 2
  • 2011: 28
  • 2012: 127
  • 2013: 220
  • 2014: 431
  • 2015: 574
  • 2016: 735
  • 2017: 790
  • 2018:807
  • 2019: 419

Total number of published Library 1 Articles by Author

• 42 Allard, S.
• 39 Michener, W.K.
• 33 Tenopir, C.
• 24 Kelling, S.
• 18 Fink, D.
• 18 Sandusky, R.J.
• 18 Missier, P.
• 18  Ludäscher, B.
• 15 Jones, M.B.
• 15 Piwowar, H.A.
• 12 Wiggins, A.
• 12 Gerbracht, J.
• 12 Yu, J.
• 12 Frame, M.
• 12 Hampton, S.E.
• 12 Vision, T.J.
• 12 Dey, S.
• 12 Wong, W.K.
• 12 Pollock, D.

Top Authors’ Production Over Time


  • These authors have published at least 5 articles together

Keyword Co-occurrence Map

Bibliographic Coupling by Article

  • Articles that share citations in their reference lists
    • Size of the bubble is based on number of citations the article has received.

Bibliographic Coupling by Author

Co-citation of Library 3

  • Library 3 consists of all the articles citing DataONE authors from Library 1. The map below represents relatedness based on the number of times authors were cited together. This map was based on data pulled from Web of Science.

Next week I’ll have a few more visual updates as well as some information regarding data mining mentions to DataONE.

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