Weekly Update

Last week, I attended the SSDBM 2011 conference at Portland, OR, USA. I presented our work “PROPUB: Towards a Declarative Approach for Publishing Customized, Policy-Aware Provenance”. In this work, we show how to balance between (i) the desire to publish provenance data so that collaborators can understand and rely on Continue reading Weekly Update

Provenance Repository and Publishing Toolkit Project

Welcome to the DataONE Summer Internship project on Scientific Workflow Provenance.  The goals of this project are to develop a provenance repository system for publishing and sharing data provenance collected from runs of a number of scientific workflow systems (Kepler, Taverna, Vistrails), together with a provenance trace publication system that allows Continue reading Provenance Repository and Publishing Toolkit Project

About Our Project

Scientific Workflow Provenance Repository and Publishing Toolkit Scientific workflow systems are increasingly used to automate scientific computations and data analysis and visualization pipelines. An important feature of scientific workflow systems is their ability to record and subsequently query and visualize provenance information. Provenance includes the processing history and lineage of Continue reading About Our Project