Week 1: Evaluate Instrument for Education – Literature Review Part 1

On Friday, May 13th, I had my Face-to-Face Meeting with two of my mentors, Amber Budden and Heather Soyka (my third mentor is Viv Hutchison), to discuss my project, Developing a Survey Instrument for Evaluation of Teaching Materials, as well as to develop the project plan for all three parts of the project. Continue reading Week 1: Evaluate Instrument for Education – Literature Review Part 1

Welcome to our 2016 Internship Projects

We are excited to begin work with our 2016 cohort of summer interns across a range of projects.  Information about the projects can be found on our internship description page. Our interns will start recording their activities, experiences and results in this space beginning May 2016.

Week 9: Update on ESOR

The testing for the ESOR front end is now complete and it works as expected. It supports ontology uploading, data processing, entity checking, entity linking and entity searching functionalities. It also has a static tutorial page that enables the user to get more information on how to use the front Continue reading Week 9: Update on ESOR

Week 8: Update on ESOR

The ESOR front end is fully developed now. However, it is yet to be deployed in the server. It is getting delayed due to access issues. All the ESOR functionalities are now completed and they are working fine. This week, I have implemented the querying functionalities that involves entity linking, Continue reading Week 8: Update on ESOR