Sending the Tutorial out for Feedback and Communications

Hello, World!

This week I dove into a different page on DataONE’s website, called the “landing page”. It’s called this because it is the first page you arrive at when you are looking through DataONE’s repository for educational materials. This page has two main purposes:

  1. It’s a directory for all the educational resources stored by DataONE. We use “tiles” and filters to organize each resource by submission type (best practice, lesson, or video) and by topic.
  2. This page also meant to explain that the Skillbuilding Hub is an open repository, so anyone can use the educational materials it offers, but also anyone can contribute their own educational materials (as long as it meets the guidelines for submission).

My mentor and I have been working on how to reorganize this page and also how to better emphasize the “contributing” and “open” aspect of the Skillbuilding Hub. For this, we reached out to another intern, Rhea Peddinti for her input as a Communications intern for DataONE and Communications major.

Additionally, the tutorial was sent out for feedback! We’ve gotten some very useful responses already, and we are working on providing better descriptions for the Skillbuilding Hub as well as the types of submissions one can make to it. As of right now, the basic outline and format of the tutorial is complete which will allow me to go back and focus more on wording and the language surrounding the Skillbuildng Hub.

Until next week!

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