Final Week: Finishing up the Tutorial

Hello, World!

Itโ€™s the final week for me and many of the other interns!

The week started out by sending out a survey for the DataONE Working Group to fill out while they go through the tutorial I developed. This time, the tutorial was broken up into multiple, linked pages for users to test and give feedback on. My previous experience developing surveys involved gathering social perceptions and public opinion using closed-ended or likert-scale questions. For this survey, I used open-ended questions to assess the usability of the tutorial I developed so that users could give more of their personal opinion rather than just providing a numeric or categorical response.

Another new and interesting exploration for me this week was trying my hand at communication and outreach. Along with my poster, I worked on a few images which could be used in a social media post along with a small blurb about the new tutorial I created. Communications, especially in the science and data management realm, is something Iโ€™d definitely like to explore further in the future.

Overall, I am pleased with everything I learned while creating the deliverables for this internship. I went into the internship being unsure of how much I could accomplish considering my beginner skills using GitHub and Markdown and my lack of familiarity with the infrastructure of the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub. But with great guidance and feedback, I quickly became acquainted and passionate about DataONEs mission to become a community driven platform.

Iโ€™m proud to say I got to participate in making the Hub more accessible to users. However, as more and more people contribute their educational materials, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future for the Hub to evolve and improve.

Find the step-by-step, contributing tutorial I developed here:

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