Getting the Tutorial Ready for Feedback

Hello World!

For project 1, this week involved a lot of further self-editing and reworking of the tutorial before it is sent out for users to test out and give feedback on. The tutorial is available now on my GitHub repository for testing!

Some of the main changes I made this week:

  1. Inserting a section to explain how the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub website is rendered through Jekyll
  2. Explaining the types of files that can be contributed as part of a “lesson”
  3. Explaining the difference between contributing an already created slideshow versus creating a slideshow using Markdown

As I’m wrapping up my first version of the tutorial, I’ve had the chance to explore other tasks for project 1. One of the tasks is to understand the process behind submitting educational materials to the Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse. This is an online registry for online educational resources on the subject of data management, and was created by theย U.S. Geological Survey’s Community for Data Integration, theย Earth Sciences Information Partnership (ESIP), andย DataONE. Submitting materials to the Clearinghouse is very easy, and doesn’t even require you to make an account. The hard part will be figuring out to automate this process or incorporate this step into the tutorial somehow.

Next week, I will be exploring options for making the “contribute” section of the Skillbuilding Hub’s landing page more appealing and noticeable to people who may be interested in sharing their resources.


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