Week 1 – Getting up to speed

Last Tuesday, the kickoff meeting for Project 5 was held at RPI.  For this project, our goal will be to extend the OpenDAP framework – a data access framework widely used in earth and space science – with extensions for provenance tracking.  Through developing these extensions, we seek to enable two forms of provenance tracking:

Upstream Tracking: This tells a consumer the steps OpenDAP went through to obtain a data product.
Downstream Tracking: Likewise, this lets a consumer know how data they’ve previously submitted has been used and modified by others.

This week’s tasks involved setting up an RPI-hosted system to be used for summer OpenDAP development.  A key piece of software to be used is Prizms – an RPI-developed framework for enabling the publication of RDF-based data.  In the following week, a review of OpenDAP’s code base will be held to identify starting points for provenance extension development.

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