Week 5 Update

This weekend, I got the opportunity to travel to Copper Mountain to attend both the DataONE User’s Group meeting as well as the OPeNDAP developer’s workshop.  Both events proved to be great opportunities to hear about work being done by other members of the OPeNDAP community, as well as get feedback on our project efforts so far.

During the DataONE poster session [1], our work appeared to be well-received.  In particular, many ideas for future work – such as discussions about defined access control for tracking OPeNDAP user activities – were raised during discussion with visitors.  Following the DataONE user group, Patrick and I told folks at the OPeNDAP developer’s meet up (and at ESIP) about a survey we’ve developed for learning more about the OPeNDAP community [3].  Through information gathered on contributors, we aim to implement new presentation and search techniques for OPeNDAP data, based on corresponding software modules and their contributors.

[1] My DataONE poster presentation: https://github.com/tetherless-world/opendap/blob/master/dataone/Presentations/DataONE_ESIP_OPeNDAP_Poster.pptx
[2] A presentation by Patrick West at ESIP: https://github.com/tetherless-world/opendap/blob/master/dataone/Presentations/ESIPSummer2014_OPeNDAP_Presentation.pptx
[3] Our OPeNDAP community survey: http://opendap.tw.rpi.edu/drupal/contributor_survey

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