Week 3 Update

On June 9th, Patrick and I met up at RPI to discuss presentation strategies for provenance records in OPeNDAP.ย  When provenance for an OPeNDAP data product is exposed, two things will regularly be present: references to specific OPeNDAP modules and their contributors.ย  Therefore, providing a consumer access to this information could be helpful in facilitating provenance interpretation.

Using information from OPeNDAPโ€™s SVN code repository, a listing of OPeNDAP modules and contributors was compiled along with a partial set of the following metadata:

– SVN trunk root
– SVN tag roots
– Description

– Name
– SVN username
– Website
– Development role

Using this information, a set of mockups will be developed in the following week for a web-based service for presenting provenance records.

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