Week 2 Update

In the past week, I’ve coordinated with Patrick West and Tim Lebo to set up my development copy of the Prizms framework.  As mentioned earlier, Prizms is a framework for publishing linked data that will aid in our management of OPeNDAP based provenance records.

Additionally, based on a review of the OPeNDAP documentation, Patrick and I have discussed a set of structural requirements for OPeNDAP’s provenance records.  It has been determined that we will need provenance encodings for each of the following entities:

Modules: the actual OPeNDAP modules.
Versions: specific versions of modules representing particular software versions.
Organizations / Contributors: entities making changes to OPeNDAP software.

For each of these entities, we envision OPeNDAP consumers being able to look up corresponding information in a human-readable form.  Therefore, one of our next steps will be to design website templates for each of these entity types.

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