Playing with metaphors

This week, I finalized the (tentative) top level categories for understanding/ explaining data policy: Legal policy- compliance with national and local law, compliance with other guidelines, liability User agreement- agreement type, accessibility Privacy policy- for website visitors, for registered users, for aggregate data Terms of use- copyright, attribution I also Continue reading Playing with metaphors

Need help from someone with amazing coding skills

Hi Interns, As part of my project I’m working on an interactive data policy planning tool.  I’d like to base it off the Creative Commons Choose a license tool.  This tool is licensed under a 3.0 license, the most liberal– basically, anyone is free to reuse the tool and its Continue reading Need help from someone with amazing coding skills

Data policy classification

I know this probably won’t fascinate anyone except me, but I spent most of week 2 developing a classification schema for understanding citizen science data policy.  Developing a classification scheme was necessary because it’s important to have a *real* metric to use when evaluating different policies, instead of comparing one Continue reading Data policy classification