Need help from someone with amazing coding skills

Hi Interns,

As part of my project I’m working on an interactive data policy planning tool.  I’d like to base it off the Creative Commons Choose a license tool.  This tool is licensed under a 3.0 license, the most liberal– basically, anyone is free to reuse the tool and its code, even for commercial use, as long as they give attribution (i.e., I’m not asking you to do anything illegal).

Well, I’ve spent maybe 3 hours trying to figure out the code to no avail. I’m hoping a lovely DataONE intern will either a) think this is a cool enough challenge that they’re willing to help out for no extrinsic reward, or b) agree to trade 2 hours of their time for 2 hours of mine.  I don’t think it should take longer than 2 hours to figure out (probably much less time, depending on expertise)– everything’s clearly posted.  I’m just really, really bad at making sense of code.

So what can I offer in return?

– I can give semi-informed feedback on any project that you’re working on that deals with PPSR (theoretically, this should be all of them). This is a good opportunity to get feedback on something before you share it with your mentor.

– I can research a topic that you’re interested in but don’t have time to research yourself, including gathering literature for the “background” section of a scholarly paper.

– I can perform usability test or act as a user.

– I can translate something from German into English.

–  I can do data analysis in SPSS.

– I can do any menial task that you’ve been putting off yourself, including (but not limited to):  changing bibliographic references to a specific format, cleaning up data in Excel or another form, editing a dissertation, updating your personal website/ LinkedIn Profile/ CV, dishes and laundry (if transportation costs are covered).

Interested? Email  Thanks in advance.

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