Working with some Algos & Visit to ORNL

This was an exciting week, in as much as it culminated with a visit to the Oak Ridge National Lab. Initial part of the week was invested in exploring further the algorithms that were shortlisted in the prior week, namely Falcon and AgreementMaker.

Both of these are available as separate GUIs and also have been implemented in the SEALS platform. The SEALS (Semantic Evaluation At Large Scale) platform incorporates various tools into a single platform and works with the OAEI evaluation campaigns which now necessitates that all matching systems must allow web access to their algorithms via the SEALS interface. The Falcon, as per its website, can be accessed as a web service or can be used off-line by downloading its source code. Having faced issues with both options I tried to explore the SEALS alternative. Furthermore SEALS is also available through the AgreementMaker platform, which itself incorporates a wide variety of ontology and schema matchers. These matchers although different than the one’s discussed in the OAEI initiatives, could still be of use for effective mappings.

The two day visit to ORNL was awesome. It involved a tour of the Supercomputing facility which is home to TITAN, the fastest supercomputer in the world. Read more about that here. The visit gave ample opportunities for interaction with other interns and with teams working on related projects for DataONE. Dr. Pouchard was a super nice host. Would be happy to see them all again later this year at the All Hands Meeting in October.

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