Data policy classification

I know this probably won’t fascinate anyone except me, but I spent most of week 2 developing a classification schema for understanding citizen science data policy.  Developing a classification scheme was necessary because it’s important to have a *real* metric to use when evaluating different policies, instead of comparing one policy to another in an ad hoc manor. This turned out to be much more of an undertaking than I initially thought (I defend qualitative research as “rigorous” all the time, but forget exactly how rigorous it really is until it’s time for me to engage with some data).  The resulting schema is essential a 12-page list.

With apologies for WordPress formatting, here are the top level categories, which should give you a good idea about how citizen science/ PPSR data policy is generally structured:

  1. Metadata
  2.       Vocabulary used in this classification scheme
  3.               Entities
  4.               Terms designating permission
  5. Data policy– structure and location
  6.        Data policy of a project
  7.               Structure of data policy
  8.               Location of data policy
  9.               Additional Information
  10.        Related policy
  11.               Legal policy
  12.               Other related policy
  13. Data policy– privacy and security
  14.        Privacy
  15.               Types of information collected
  16.               Use of information collected
  17.        Security
  18.               Measures to maintain security
  19.               Consequences of a security breach
  20. Data policy– terms of use (the most interesting by far)
  21.        Terms of participation
  22.               Conditions for participation
  23.               Limitations to participation
  24.               Liability
  25.               Warranty
  26.        Data ownership and copyright
  27.                Observations/ other raw data
  28.                Aggregate data set
  29.                Other
  30.        Data use
  31.                General conditions for use

Next week I get to validate!  I’ll be testing my schema with projects not used in the initial construction, making my wonderful mentor code some projects with me to generate inter-rater reliability, and testing out with data policies outside of the PPSR realm– namely, that of Wikipedia, Facebook, and (for a start).

Non-project highlights include eating at Moosewood, the premier vegetarian restaurant in the world.

Next week I promise you a list of the best data policies in PPSR.

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