Week 7,8,9

In these three weeks, I continued to code to improve the usability of SE. I focused on the following six tasks.

1. Allow users to choose data units in parallel coordinate plots;

First, I added a pair of radio button to implement the function. One is year; another is month. After discussed with Yaxing, I changed the radio button to drop-down box. And there are three options: second, month, year. So users can change what they want. Meanwhile, when the value changes, the unit changes too.

2. (Bug fix) Parallel coordinates hover label is not consistent with selected regions;

The bug is fixed.

3. In parallel coordinates plots, remove month/season axis, use a selection box instead;

Now, there is a check box to control whether the month/season axis is visible. As there are so many check boxes and drop-down boxes in the left side of parallel coordinates view. I separate them into three parts and gave a title for each: “select regions”,”select time axis”, and “select units”.

4. Allow users to label graphs (e.g. give a title) when exporting to SVG;

I tried to add a title for the matrix view, which can show the title and variables of the view.

5. In matrix view, when highlighting a cell on one side of the matrix, automatically highlight the cell corresponding to that on the other side of the matrix;

Now this is implemented.

6. Allow users to change color schemes of the matrix view.

I tried to add a pair of buttons on the matrix view. when right click the matrix view, a new window popup and there are two buttons: change spacial color map and change temporal color map. Then when users click the buttons, the colormap will be changed. Now I can only add the button to the matrix view.

Those tasks are kind of difficult for me, but I learn a lot from doing it. I have a further  understanding of how JAVA and Processing work. It is a great opportunity to read the JAVA code that written by a master and a great chance to practice how to code. Thanks for the help from Yaxing and Jorge. They really help me a lot.

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