Weeks 7, 8, 9 – All the server-side things

Last summer, my work on the Annotator was strictly client-side, with my mentor taking care of all of the server-side code and juts telling me which methods to use on my end. This year, though, I’m making additions to the framework we built the Annotator on to add the ability to implement user management not just to the Annotator but to other webapps in the lab.

The net result has been that I’ve had to become familiar with a bunch of the other code repositories that the Annotator uses in the background. There is a lot more going on than I had expected, but I have been learning a lot about how the webapp fits together. I still feel a bit like a baby deer learning to walk, but Evan Patton has been a great resource as I wrap my head around everything and start to work in my own code.

I guess the internship is officially over now, but I definitely want to keep working on the Annotator until classes start. I want to see the user management fully implemented, since it will be useful to projects beyond my own!

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