Week 9 – To be continued

Technically this was the last week of the internship, the good thing is that I have all the features that I’m supposed to achieve implemented. But as any other real software, in order to make it really useful for practical purposes, there’s still way to go. In next period, our job is to rebuild a more comprehensive knowledge base, achieve a better index, test with a certain amount of users’ data, and enough evaluations.

Obviously there’re still works to be done. It will be continuous work to resolve all the remaining issues and make the annotator a more useful tool for semantic annotation.

On one hand, we should keep improving the performance of the tool; On the other hand, we need to think about the further publication possibility of our work. How we could make valuable claims out of the new annotator and whether we can explore more research ideas by doing all the extension work. I think using Linkipedia to implement ontology search is a good start for me and the whole group, it brings me a promising research topic that I can follow up, and encourages the whole group to continue on digging semantic search.

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