June 13, 2011 – GEO Accession Number Search

Today has been spent searching Google Scholar for the GEO Accession numbers and importing the citations to Mendeley.ย  Here is the Google Spreadsheet with the GEO search terms and number of Google Scholar hits.ย  Here is the Mendeley Group with the citations and tags that I’ve applied.

I imported approximately 180 citations into Mendeley that were found in the Google Scholar search results.ย  Searching the full text of these was at first disheartening as I was finding articles that didn’t actually site the GEO data.ย  However, since then I’ve found 40 articles out of 59 that I have gone through so far that reuse the data.ย  I’m excited to continue working on this batch more tomorrow!

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  1. Hello Jonathan and Heather,

    I am glad you are pursuing this topic. Is there somewhere I can sign up to receive a notice when you present your results? Also I have been looking into recommended best practice for citing datasets themselves (not the journal articles associated with datasets) in respositories. This does not seem to be one of your categories of citations.

    – gastil

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