Monday: Overview

Currently, I’m just going through a spreadsheet I have with several workflows in it, filling in all of the details for the classifications I am looking for. So far I’ve done a few, and more background reading on what it is exactly that I should be looking for.

Talk soon.


Right, during the talk, it was pretty much agreed what I am going to be doing this week.

  1. Revise the spreadsheet I’m working on of Worklows to  be organised by tiers of understanding
  2. Get to grips with  SPARQL and myExperiment as much as possible (again)
  3. Write up for the  approach (methods, teir 1/2/3, selection processes, null hypothesis,  etc…). This will be an actual document, a draft for the paper, that’ll be of use in clarifying what we’re doing and how my research will help address issues in the field.
  4. Send this out when it is done. There is a significant time restraint in what we can do –  which is our justification for using myExperiment as the main source of information, and using a tiered mining approach to do that.
  5. Keep track of a list  of bioinformatics/ confusing workflows, just to work on and get help with.

So, let’s get going on this. I have a conference presentation on Wednesday, but I should be able to bang out both that and the draft for this tomorrow on the train – I hope!