New week

This week, I will be writing up the instructions for student to investigate the correlations between host traits and parasite diversity, including the main instructions, and instructions for analyzing the data in R. I have gathered most of the R functions needed for this module. I will be following the format of the stream module on the website. Would it be OK?

I still haven’t heard back from Charlie about the data. Last time I checked with Natalie, his postdoc, the raw data were probably never published, but only the parasite species richness of each host species was. If we use the old carnivore data (up to 2003), we could probably include the raw data. I could email Natalie again to see whether she can ask Charlie for me.


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  1. Looks great, Shan. Steph is in meetings this morning, but if you want feedback on your question about using the format of the stream module, I suggest shooting her an email- I’m not sure if she’s checking the notebook as regularly as me.

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