Week 5/6: Mission Statement and Community Governance Model

Hi everyone! These last two weeks involved a lot of drafting and revising on the materials I’ve been creating the last couple weeks. I spent some time thinking about the audience I want to target, how these materials can be used, and the best ways to create them so they may be easily updated for continuous use.

I spent the first half of the week finalizing my summary report and presentation for the DataONE Community Meeting. To recap, this summary report recaps the results of interviews and surveys conducted over the past year regarding the transition of DataONE becoming more community-oriented. The report mainly consists of suggestions for the new community model from current and previous participants of the DataONE program. I revised the report to focus on the main suggestions made during the interviews and fixed small wording issues. Then I created a design for the report and finished up the PowerPoint presentation of the report.

Another thing I worked on was document designs for the Mission/Vision/Value statement and the Community Governance model. Last week, the challenge with the M/V/V statement was creating a visually appealing design for the Mission and Vision page which only had two sentences on it. I was able to include a slightly transparent graphic of the earth to be in the background and eliminate some of the white space. The Community Governance model was a little easier to create because I just went off of the Summary Report design I created.

Additionally, I received feedback from my mentors on the PDFs I created for outreach materials, so I was able to make some other revisions on those documents. I should be receiving more feedback on these documents in the coming week so I can have some finalized documents coming soon.

Next week, I will be creating a draft of the poster for the DataONE Community Meeting and an infographic to be added to the set of outreach materials.

Thanks for reading, more to come next week!


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