Instructor solutions

I am going to write up the instructor solutions this week. Because I do not have the dataset ready, yet, I will add in graphs later.

This is the week of the EEID conference, and I think Natalie is there. I doubt that I would hear from them this week. Our last shot might be asking Sonia about this when I get back to Athens (July).

Meanwhile, I will think about setting up the second module.

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  1. I know you’ve emailed Charlie and Natalie, but perhaps you are being too nice and not persistent enough? You might trying finding phone numbers for them and calling… old school but sometimes effective. If they would prefer to have someone visit their office(s) and hand them a data stick, I’m happy to do that too. Sometimes setting up a face-to-face is the easiest way to get results. Let me know if that would help. I am sure your emails to them were great, but here’s a few suggestions for a last-ditch effort to get responses:

    When you email them make sure your subject line is informative (and perhaps emphasizes the importance of their data to your project) and your email is quite brief so they read it. People are more likely to blow off emails if they are too long. 2-3 lines would be good. Also, cc important people (like Steph) on the email so they know others are watching!

    Example Subject- your data critical for my summer internship- please respond asap

    Example body- Sorry to bother you again, but the data are really important for the learning module I’m creating. How can I get those data from you asap? Carly Strasser at NCEAS is willing to meet with you in person if that makes it easier to transfer the data. Dropbox would also work.

    • Thanks Carly! We have all the data in the department server and I can get access to it. I need to get in touch with Charlie only because Sonia (Altizer) thinks I should ask him before I use the data. Since Sonia was the co-author of most of those papers on this database, I was thinking maybe I could wait till I get back to Athens and talk to Sonia again. I can try emailing Charlie one more time this week, before I travel.

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