In Response to Comments on first Flash Sample

Thanks Carly. . .see my responses in bold. . .

Melody- things are looking great! Just walked through module 2 using the flash player and checked out the quiz and survey.  Here’s a few general comments on appearance of the slides etc. This is mostly preference, which means you can take or leave my suggestions. I’m sensitive to the appearance of things, so I might be splitting hairs, but figured I would pass along my thoughts anyway!

No problem. . .glad you did! Feedback always welcome.

For slides in general:

  • Make sure any graphics are high resolution, or make them small enough so you don’t notice they are low resolution.

Will do

  • Why the grey background? It decreases contrast with the words and looks strange with the dataONE color scheme. I would go back to white, but this is a personal preference.

As a work group we can certainly take a vote on the background by viewing some different options. . .From my perspective the gradient fill at light grey was the least distractive and still provided the needed contrast.  To go with just a white background I’m afraid will make the graphics and text appear very flat looking and less professional—-there needs to be depth.  As for the logo it is my understanding that grey and blue tones are complementary colors so I don’t think it distracts from the logo—but again just my opinion.  

  • Keep an eye out for overlapping text/images. This makes the slides look unprofessional. I noticed it at least once with the DataONE logo at the bottom- I suggest either increasing transparency of the logo so it’s part of the background, or resizing text boxes and images so they don’t overlap.

I will be looking for these things in the final edits but the more eyes the better. It would be helpful that when everyone edits their modules that they make note of any graphic/type issues and e-mail me the module/slide number.

 For quiz/survey/flash

  • Remove any unnecessary animations- like fading in of pictures- unless they are necessary and serve a purpose. They are distracting from the content.

I can remove transitions from the quiz section—

  • I would remove at least one of the exclamation marks on the quiz pages- “excellent! ….!” Seems a bit… patronizing at times.

Will do

  • I would adjust the font on the quizes so it’s a bit smaller. This might make the slides a bit cleaner in appearance.

Will do

  • For the survey, I would not require any of the questions. If questions are required and they want to skip one, they will end up just exiting the survey Altogether. To maximize feedback make them all optional.

Will do

Thanks for your edits and suggestions with the Quick Start Guide—will be working on that today. . .

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