Data and analyses

I contacted Charlie’s postdoc, Natalie Cooper, who is a friend of mine about the primate parasite data. They are starting a workshop today and will be too busy to talk about the data. Natalie suggested I email Charlie again next week. In any way, I think this will get sorted out. Worst comes to worst, we can always use the old carnivore parasite data, although they are a bit out of date.

Before the data get sorted out, I can still start writing some R codes. I dug out some codes for doing Random Forests and GLM in R, and the codes for illustrating results from these models. These are two methods for looking at multivariates that I find very easy to understand and to conduct in R, and the outcomes are pretty straightforward (at least to me :]).

I will be travelling next week for some collaboration, and I will be giving my very first real seminar talk on Tuesday in University of Oldenburg, Germany, in English (of course). It will be a departmental seminar, so I have to spend some time preparing for it. This trip might be a good opportunity to get some fresh phylogenetic data for our modules, too. Last time I checked, evolutionary distinctiveness of host species is a very strong correlate with parasite species richness. It might be nice to include in the module as well, so that we have ecological traits and evolutionary traits.

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