Enjoying the happy collaboration: Reach a consensus on paper coding results – Week 8

The most exciting achievement of this week is that Heejun and I finally reached the agreement on our Scopus paper coding results. To be more specifically, we together reviewed our coding results for the 20 citizen science and VGI projects and their data quality mechanisms we identified from 56 papers, discussed the definition of each data quality mechanism, similarities and differences in our coding for each project, then reached the consensus that for each project, how many and what data quality mechanisms are mentioned, and where the quotes for each mechanism are in the papers. We also identified five potential new mechanisms not listed in Wiggins et al’ paper that we used as data quality mechanism coding scheme. The agreed coding result will be one important competent in our paper.

In addition, I was working on the paper draft this week, throwing some rough materials in introduction, literature background, and results, developing the logic of contents in the paper.

In the following week, I will focusing on organizing our agreed paper coding results, and continuing working on the paper draft.




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