Recording Tutorials โ€“ Screencast Tutorials, Week #8

This week’s progress consisted of lots script-tweaking followed by voice recording and screen capture, and then syncing the two together. To keep consistency, I wanted to get the groundwork done across all the tutorial videos before filling in the visual aids. I’m saving the demo video for last because it covers aspects of each of the other videos.

I uncovered some inconsistent behavior when exporting citations from ONEMercury to reference management software programs Zotero and Mendeley. Depending on which and how many records a person attempts to export, the process appears successful at first glance. However, I’ve documented that the results are not always as expected, so that information is being passed along to the ONEMercury team.

This coming week is a half-week for me due to prior engagements, so I’ll wrap up with recording and editing in the beginning of August, right before preparing for my ignite talk on screencasting at the ESA meeting.

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