Week 9: Last day of the internship! :(

Today is my last day and I just finished a final presentation with a few members of the team as well as some people that were generally interested to hear what I have accomplished by the end of the term.

For this week, I added clicking functionality to the GUI that would allow the user to select/click on any URI Labels (if they are toggled in the graph options) and this would either open a directory if the URI label corresponds to a selection of files or would open the file using the systems default program for those types of files. To accomplish this I had to implement a line by line editing system to edit specific objects within svg files that were generated and created from graphviz.



During the final presentation it was very nice and encouraging to hear some positive feedback about the work I have done this summer. I have learned so much and had a great time working with the Yes Workflow Team. Whenever I needed help or was stuck on something they provided just enough help to still give me room to learn and solve the problem which is a very significant trait for this team. I want to personally thank everyone on the Yes Workflow team for giving me this opportunity to learn about workflows, user interfaces, and explore different software languages.

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