Week Nine

This week is a very busy week. I re-check, clean, and organize all my codes, data, and visualization files. To make sure the files could be used in the future, I put comments and instructions to all the files, and detailedly write each step to integrate data and generate the visualization. Also I inserted new data into file, and adjusted the visualization to have clearer structure. To show different aspects of data, I includes new visualization only include affiliation and communication channels data. Therefore, now I generated four interactive visualizations each has its focus.


I also made a poster, presenting all my outcomes from this project. By working on the poster, I had a more comprehensive and deep understanding to the results and visualization. Now I realized how much I gained and learned from this internship. Thanks all my mentors for all their valuable advices and help. It has been a great internship and inspire me a lot. Although I read paper about social network visualization before, doing such an individual project by myself from original data is a fresh and exciting experience. The internship comes to an end, but my research in this area will not stop.

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