Week 7 : Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows project

For this week, I still worked on modifying LCA queries and started creating a Docker for the LIGO script. The main task is to make sure the container could contain YW, NW, as well as the capability to query across them using the bridge prototype, and ReproZip, then tried to answer the question whether ReproZip and NW  can run together or whether they interfere in some ways. The purpose of this task to draw some “lessons learnt” from the Prolog query implementation effort and show how multiple tools can be leveraged to enhance reproducibility via experimenting with Docker.

Additionally, LIGO script basically involves a signal processing task and I tried to create significant variations on the LIGO script by tweaking different parameters. Then, it is recommended that Python version of MsTMip regridding script can be useful in generating variations of LIGO script.

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