Week 8: Evaluate Instrument for Education – Paper, Poster, and DataONE Users Group Meeting

Continuing the work that I had started with the poster from last week, I was able to complete my first revision of the poster before my weekly meeting with my mentors. Consequently, during this weekโ€™s meeting, I was able to review the project paper, its accompanying abstract, and the poster with my mentors.

As a result of our review and discussions, my mentors had provided their initial approval for the approach and the content for the paper. However, my mentors and I agreed that it would be important for us to consider how we could include visual information, such as screen shots, figures, and graphics, for the Results section of the paper. This would help us illustrate and help our readers in understanding the structure and the utilities of the evaluation instrument that we had developed. Likewise, the current revision of my poster is rather text-intensive. By including similar screen shots/figures/graphics for the paper in the poster, it would also help in improving the understandability of my poster. In order to do so, my mentors will be helping me in determining possible mechanisms to implement the evaluation instrument, and although the implementation of the instrument will continue beyond the 9-week internship, it will be a great opportunity for me to stay in touch with the project and to be kept updated with its progress.

As we reviewed the abstract for the paper, my mentors and I also talked about the possible venues for the paper. During last week, we had identified IDCC17 as our potential conference to submit the paper. However, we also came up with some more journals and conferences where data management training and education would be the key focus. As a result, as part of my last weekโ€™s tasks, I will be reviewing the submission criteria for the journals and conferences that we had identified, so that we could finalize the venue and the format for the paper and the abstract.

Finally, I was really excited that my mentors had scheduled my project as part of the meeting agenda for DataONE Users Group Meeting (https://www.dataone.org/dataone-users-group/2016-meeting), which will take place during Sunday, July 17 and Monday, July 18 at Durham, North Carolina. In order to prepare for the meeting, I will be working on a presentation also as part of my tasks for the final week, so that I can be ready to share the project with the DUG meeting attendees.

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