Moby Music & Scripts: Internship Week #02

Did you know you can use Moby’s music for your no-budget, non-profit type projects?  You can!  Here’s a link:  A track or two might end up in a DataONE video too.

On a positive note : it looks like the graphic packages are going to spice up the projects beautifully.  And the scripts for videos 1-3 are in a state of “ready to use” for shot sheets and scratch voice overs.

On a not so positive note : Production has been a little more involved than I had planned.  I expected some enthusiastic support from the science department at school and that hasn’t happened ….yet.  And in general, pre/production is happening a little slower than planned.

I’m really looking forward to playing around with the footage and after effect files. It looks like I will have plenty of stock materials to use but,  I need some good HD footage to include in the video.  I have a couple days lined up next week to shoot some original work.


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  1. Yay to the possibility of using Moby tracks! Thanks for sharing that resource here.

    It was fun getting an advance look at the graphics you were considering, and I’m excited to see what ‘the chosen one’ looks like with the DataONE logo implanted. It’s great that you’ll be able to add to the DataONE identity portfolio through this project.

    I hope that you’re able to get in touch with the right people at the university to set up an opportunity to film some of the shots you want. Because you’re not asking for interviews or anything that would require much effort from those involved, I can’t imagine that you won’t be able to find a grad student or two willing to help out. I can also try to get involved if you continue to have trouble making the right contacts for this.

    Hope your week’s off to a good start!

  2. In the past I have had conversations with Biology researchers and grad students about talking with the press and otherwise disseminating information about their work and work practices. I was surprised to hear largely negative feelings about this sort of thing, largely stemming from either: 1) I do not have time or obligation to do this, especially as it will not help my research or funding; or 2) I worked with press or PR folks on campus in the past and they misrepresented my work, misquoted me, or did not understand the science at all.

    I believe the federal fundung requirement to have data management plans is fairly new, so researchers may be feeling put on the spot by having to plan for it at all. So talking about it on camera, especially if the researcher has had poor experiences being represented by press before, may seem to have much potential for trouble and little potential for positive outcome.

  3. Of the freely available music I’ve come across, much of it is elevator. Moby is a refreshing alternative – it will be good to have him in DataONE! Nice find. Thanks.

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