Week 1 – Kicking off & constructing the knowledge base

This week we spent a lot of time discussing our work plan and expected outcomes, as well as how we collaborate with each other since project 1 and 2 are closely related and are both extension to the semantic annotator in Tetherless World.

For project 2 mainly we need to achieve two features: enabling Ontology Search based on keywordsย and enabling ontology recommendation based on usage history. For Ontology Search we are implementing an entity linking & similarity ranking tool inย our lab. So my first job is to construct the knowledge base on which our tool will be testing. We have done a collection of earth science ontologies and I pre-processed these datasets together with the annotator pre-loaded ontologies for our initial test.

I also read the Morpho paper, particularly the part about automated metadata extraction: “Higgins, D., Berkley, C., Jones, M., 2002. Managing heterogeneous ecological data using Morpho. Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, pp. 69โ€“76.”, which gives me some insights regarding how we gonna do the recommendation part.

We are expecting good testing results next week and I will keep merging useful ontologies into our knowledge base if necessary.


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