Week 9: Continued project developments and internship wrap-up

It seems like only yesterday that we started our internship. As our mentor (Megan, who interned last year) told us, 9 weeks goes by fast! She wasn’t kidding!

Our final week helped us to wrap up some project elements while firming up other parts for future collaborations. Some compelling patterns have come forth from our long arc of searching for literature, digging into the all the bits and pieces associated with various data use and citation practices, to finally applying a robust approach to gleaning statistical and numerical patterns from the approaches of researchers and the journals in which they publish. It’s with pride that I look back on how far we’ve come!

I want to thank our team and particularly my co-intern Rob for their dedication in working through a wide variety of logistical and creative challenges we faced in this project. Rob’s fresh experience in systematic searches and meta-analyses were a great help to me as was his experience in using versioning software (and gentle pushes for me to learn!) and R scripting for data summarization and graphics. Megan’s experience outside my field of study offered me valuable and different perspectives and her leadership offered us much needed help in assessing our goals and keeping the project on track. In addition to all her help behind-the-scenes, Amber was a great asset in helping me to better see the “big picture” from the perspective of researchers focused on syntheses, DataONE managers, and other informatics specialists.

I look forward to our continued collaboration on several products and to meeting again to present our work to the larger DataONE community.

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