Week 1: Beginning to work on Linkipedia

Last week I started working on the “Semantic Entity Exraction and Linking for Annotation and Ontology Evolution” project. On the first day, I had an online meeting with my mentors (Prof. Deborah and Jim) and the other members of my team. Jim gave me an overview of the project and the kind of data that we will be working on. He also provided me with pointers to Linkipedia project repository and a paper which describes the functioning of Linkipedia. I setup the project in my machine and went through the documentation.

On  May 26th, I had a face-to-face meeting with my mentors. This meeting helped me in understanding the project better and we were also able to narrow down the tasks that I will be working on. My first task will be to explore different entity linking techniques and to come up with an approach for automatically identifying relevant portions from textual descriptions that can be linked to ontology terms. This task will not add any additional component to the existing Linkipedia system but will improve the functioning of an existing module by providing better annotation accuracy. For this purpose, I plan to begin by looking into the code and understanding the functioning of each module. I will then identify the portions that can be refined and work on them.

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