Week Two: Lit Review & Data Collection

This week I continued to work on the literature review, this time focusing on metric driven papers. While some primary research papers found statistical significance between data sharing and increased citation rates, a literature review of multiple primary papers noted that confounding effects were not taken into account — such as time article was published and journal it was published in. After finding a few more sources, I began a summary write-up of my results loosely structured around these four themes: Current State of the Field, Current Perceptions, Evidence of Data Sharing Benefits, Reasoning for the study.

The second part involved looking into how DataONE collects upload and download data, and how we can then access that data. We’ve put in a request to access that information for 7 of the 30 member nodes and began to create a study design to account for the different timelines of each member nodes. The design will start with a bivariate test looking at downloads before and after joining DataONE (with a buffer zone in the middle). We threw around ideas about a regression analysis as well, and once we have the data, we’ll be able to run some more ideas. Monday, I’ll be creating a spreadsheet for the timelines for each of the member nodes. The analysis will begin in earnest next week once we retrieve the data.

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