Week 9 – Wrap up and summary

Hi all,

This is my week 9 which is the last week. I have had a wrap up process to clean up the codes and documentations for the codes to make sure everything executable for others who might want to use it. Furthermore, I did give a presentation about what I have done for the project.

In summary, I have had a scientific use case 1) to extract provenance information from the DataONE package and visualize it into a workflow, 2) using the provenance extracted, to re-execute the scrtips in the package to reproduce the results, and 3) to bundle this as a tale and publish to DataONE. In addition to this, a code that bundle the new package and publish to DataONE to make the process easier as well as to help the necessary information to be included (e.g., metadata information as much as possible). The initial idea of the stitching that connects packages if one is derived from the other.

Here are the links for the resources:
1) codes: https://github.com/shek21/DataONE_2018_Summer_Intern_Project1
2) documentations:
– Extracting provenance from a package and visualize:
– Reproduce the results:
– Bundle a tale and publish:
– Bundle a new package and publish:
– Stitching packages (initial version):
3) Usable tale: https://dashboard.wholetale.org/tale/view/5b511f38715d3400011e9dda
4) Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EPsUReYo5pmNhuJeZ5_eyBZ3hndZMgWFQkJDmYsJLbI/edit?usp=sharing

I would like to thank to all that I have worked together and the team that I have had a meeting every week. Particularly, I appreciate all the efforts to my mentors. It was great experience for me to have another provenance research area by using the real scientific use case.

Thanks again, and hope all you have a nice weekend.
All the best!

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