Week 4 – Starting a Survey

The data management error categorization scheme I revised last week is continuing to undergo refinements. The overall organization is now set, and Iโ€™m just adding to it when I find new errors in data papers. At this point, it is getting quite comprehensive, especially in certain areas of the data life cycle, such as Collection and Organization. I still have quite a few data paper reviews to analyze, which will continue over the course of the next week.

Since the error categorization scheme is firming up, I started working on a draft questionnaire for data managers. I based the first draft of the questionnaire on the errors categories I have seen in the data papers. Like the error categories, the initial draft went though a major reorganization after presenting the first draft to my mentors, Bill Michener and Bob Cook. While the questionnaire started out focused around the Data Life Cycle, after the reorganization, the questionnaire focuses on data center functions (http://www.dataone.org/sites/all/documents/ESA11_WS17_session3_cook_2011.08.7.pdf). Weโ€™ll continue to refine the questionnaire for another week or so, and then it will be time to start interviewing data managers.

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