Week 3 – Summit on Fundamental Concepts in Data Training

This week, I attended the Summit on Fundamental Concepts in Data Training in Albuquerque. The summit brought together a good group of people who all had different viewpoints on data management. The goal was to design a curriculum for a 10 to 12 hour class on data management. The class modules were based on the data life cycle (http://www.dataone.org/best-practices), with additional modules for policy and socio-cultural issues surrounding data management. Everyone worked together to put together a solid foundation for each module. I really enjoyed working with everyone, and Iā€™m looking forward to seeing the final results.

In addition, I continued to work on the error categorization scheme. Based on feedback from my mentors, I reorganized the categories around the data life cycle. The next step is to reanalyze reviews of ESA Data Papers using the new scheme. This will certainly lead to more changes to the scheme, mostly additions.

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