This the last week of my DataONE summer intern, but it is not the end. I will plan to present our work by research poster in late August for DataONE All Hands Meeting, especially the provenance event.

During this week, I firstly updated the RDF Turtle files following our most recent YW conceptual model. The specification of our model can be found here.

Besides, I updated the recon queries and combined queries for “simulate_data_collection” example workflow. The co-intern Linh updated the model queries. The most updated SPARQL queries in both Jena-ARQ and Virtuoso can be found here.

I have been writing a research paper also as final intern report for most of my time during this week. The research paper is for ISWC 2017 Workshop SemSci 2017. Since the deadline is approaching, we will not have enough time to revise and polish our paper. We will just try our best to finish the paper and submit it.

It’s my pleasure to do research with all the mentors and co-intern during this summer. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to their bright ideas, extensive suggestions, constant encouragement, and genuine understanding of me. I am looking forward to making effort for the subsequent research related to this project, and helping to publish our work in the future.


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