Prospective and Retrospective Provenance Queries: Week 4 – YesWorkflow Data Model

Hi everyone,

I’m Linh Hoang, from project 3. This week, my co-intern and I focused on creating a YesWorkflow Data Model with our own vocabulary. Previously, we used ProvONE Data Model (which is an extension of the standard Provenance Data Model recommended by W3C) to represent items of YesWorkflow. However, there are many components of YesWorkflow that don’t really match with what ProvONE provided. Therefore, we decided to create our own YW Data Model, which we called YesWorkflow OWL, in order to capture both prospective and retrospective data that we have from YW. The model later on is mapped with ProvONE, so as to link YW terms to ProvONE terms. This will allow us to test SPARQL queries against YW – ProvONE defined workflows to see the differences between the two models. After designing the YW model, we created a RDF turtle file following the new vocabulary and used it for query testing.

In term of SPARQL, we continue to explore querying capabilities of two SPARQL tools: Virtuoso and ARQ. We have tried more  and more complicated queries (both ProvONE & the new YW model). We tested queries simultaneously and compared advantages and disadvantages between the two tools.

For every task, we documented the process, organized and published our works on Github. I think this is a very good practice because it is easy to keep track; everyone in the team can view the works and it is also helpful for other people who are interested in and want to re-produce our experiments in the future.

For more details, please contact us via email. Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend!


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