Week 2 – Entity & Property entropy in the earth science knowledge base

This week we mainly focused on the analyzing both the entity entropy and the property entropy within the earth science ontologies knowledge base we construct. In order to index the earth science data for further search, we need to obtain and verify the information entropy within our data.

Regarding our N-Triple data, we ran experiments on both entities and properties to check the entropy, and we indeed got many interesting results. We set our entropy ranging from 0-21 (higher number indicates usefulness) and among the majority of the middle weighted properties, the objects are mostly urls that contain important metadata, such as labels, that you can browse, which are actually beyond our expectation.

In addition to the above pre-steps for ontology search. I also collected and added all the existing/related dataone & annotator ontologies (such as foaf, dublincore, sweet..) into our current earth science knowledge base.

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