Understanding data quality mechanism – Week 2

After we got 70+ papers by using specific key words (e.g., citizen science, data quality) to search in Scopus last week, so far I coded 19 papers. The code scheme is adapted from 17 data quality assurance and control mechanisms summarized by Wiggins et al (2011). The more papers I coded, the more I realized that we need to have a clearer definition or explanation for each mechanism. Also it seems some of these mechanisms are intrinsically linked. Therefore I put my current understanding of these mechanisms from the 19 papers in slides and introduced them to my teammates in our weekly meeting. We together discussed and achieved a preliminary consensus about the meaning of each mechanism.

In next week, I will continue coding the papers and developing the definition of each mechanism. Also I will continue cleaning the citizen science project lists. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Wiggins, A., Newman, G., Stevenson, R. D., & Crowston, K. (2011, December). Mechanisms for data quality and validation in citizen science. Inย e-Science Workshops (eScienceW), 2011 IEEE Seventh International Conference onย (pp. 14-19). IEEE.

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