Week 5: Update on ESOR

This week’s focus was on the front end design for ESOR. The idea was to design a front end for the ESOR back end core functionalities enabling the users to upload an ontology, store the uploaded ontology, process the data in the ontology, and basic querying which involves searching and linking. The web page will also have sample queries in the Help page, with which the user can form his/her own queries. The Help menu will also direct the user to a static page containing the details of how the page can be used.
The design decisions involved several things like server considerations, maintenance of ontologies, implementation of querying and attaching the web page to the Tetherless World Constellationย site.
The intended audience for this front end would be any user who likes to query or search the ontologies. It will be accessible to any number of users. Anyone who uses this page will also be able to find a brief introduction on what the functionalities are about and an option for a tutorial about the contents in a static web page.
The development part will begin next week.

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