Getting Organized

You can review here some of my initial comments and progress as I begin my second week on the DataOne online learning module project. 

I will be posting here a weekly blog/update to share with you where I am at in the production schedule for the PPT slides as they are being prepared and edited for further development into online learning modules.

This past week has been about determining what order the modules will be presented and who will be contributing to sections that have not yet been assigned. Currently I have the modules arranged based on their position in the Data Life Cycle to correlate better with the content. We also will be putting the Data Life Cycle flow chart into each module following the learning objectives for greater clarification to show how they are interconnected. 

I also hope to post here samples and drafts of some of the modules by way of graphics, design, quiz samples etc. for feedback and general review. The goal will be to further enhance the finished PPT slides into an interactive Flash online format. Last week I spent probably too much time researching and piloting various software programs as I decided I did not want to risk getting half way through the project and have to deal with working out a lot of kinks,  changing formats, etc. I wanted something that would easily transfer the PPT content into an interactive Flash format with the least amount of headaches. I currently like the one I am working with and kinks so far have been very minimal. . .of course with technology there are no guarantees, but so far so good!

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