Week 3: Advocacy and Outreach Materials

Hi everyone! This week was a busy one for sure. I started working on the bulk of my project which is creating advocacy and outreach materials for the DataONE Community. The goal is to have members of the DataONE Users Group distribute these materials and advocate for DataONE in order to gain more participation from the community.

I started off the week doing a deep dive on DataONE’s website, looking through news articles, previous handouts, PowerPoints, etc. to better understand the role of DataONE in the community so I could effectively communicate its importance.

The bulk of the information I came across was utilizing DataONE’s products and services, which can be described in the following four categories:

  1. Search and Discovery
  2. Research Data Management Tools
  3. Education and Training
  4. Federated Repository Services

I spent the rest of the week creating 7 documents in InDesign that I intend to be used as handouts and/or PDF downloads from the DataONE website. The documents include: a general information about DataONE flyer, a summary of DataONE’s products and services, 4 documents delving into the above categories, and a final “get involved” flyer. I plan to finalize these soon and send them for feedback to the Transition Team.

Meanwhile, I will be continuing to work on creating more outreach materials next week, specifically, PowerPoint presentations and more infographics.

Thanks for reading, more to come next week!


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