Summer Project Blog 7

Data Usage and Citation Visualization
Mentor: Skye Roseboom and Heather Piwowar Intern:Pei Chu
Week 7(July 2-July 6)

During this week, I mainly modify the webpage structure and Controller logic on the base of last week. Skye has provided me many useful suggestions and through comparison I applied some of them. We added the timespan for user to select the data duration and move the CN_URL to application.xml for a constant variable,thus we can easily rewrite it if the dev environment needs to change.

At the end of this week, Heather,Skye and I had a Skype meeting to discuss how to integrate the total-impact part into our webpage. Finally, we all agree that use the “dataone” as our namespace suffix and directly combine the total-impact embed code  with our webpage. However, the cn-dev2 was broke at the later of this week, so the test data and new total-impact embed code maybe work at next week. It seems that the main work has almost been done,however if all the data is available,there must be some other problems,such as the reaction time, figure display and so on. So I’m looking forward our webpage’s final version and the whole live data test.

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