Summer Project Blog 3

Data Usage and Citation Visualization
Mentor: Skye Roseboom and Heather Piwowar Intern:Pei Chu
Week 3(June 4-June 8

During this week,I have completed many coding works under my mentor’s guide. We built the basic start page,obtained the xml data through spring MVC controller and made an easy data visualization simple. In fact, this week is a little tough for me,because there are so many things I’m not so familiar with and too many debug problems to solve. For example,how to use the annotation to map class, how to configure the servlet mapping ,how to use the existing Log class to acquire data and how to make the data successfully visualized by external js libraries. I must mention Skye is a pretty nice mentor,who patiently teaches me so many techniques. I’m really appreciated.Now I’ll share some very useful resources with other people.

1.js visualization libraries introduction:

2.eclipse SVN introduction:

3.REST princple introduction:

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