Summer Project Blog 2

Data Usage and Citation Visualization
Mentor: Skye Roseboom and Heather Piwowar Intern:Pei Chu
Week 2(May 28th-June 1st)

From this week, my  mentors and I begin to construct the basic project architecture,including the main search webpage,the web.xml document and spring framework configuration.For my initial webpage, I just made a “crappy” search page.However, my mentor,Skye, gave me a plenty of good suggestions and introduced a lot of resources to me,the majority of them I have never heard of. Besides, thanks to Skye’s patient teaching,I’m now more clear about the DataOne nodes relation and the total-impact API. We had two video meetings this week,especially focused on solving the problems I meet and help me understand how to get the certain data we need.Considering that there are so many useful techniques and resources , I’m really glad I can learn plenty of new things from this project.Thanks very much for Skye’s patient introduction.Now I’ll share these resources,which maybe same useful for others.

1.The good parts of javascript:

2.spring multiaction: princles: expert’s blog:

5.spring tag and tag tutorial:

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