Open Notebook Science – E-mailing Attachments to Sharepoint

Interested in possibility of forwarding e-mail to both open notebook and sharepoint site.

This would streamline the process of archiving documents on the UT Sharepoint site.

Looking at:

DataONE > UT DataONE > Documents > Network Analysis > All Documents

Google Search:

Sharepoint AND e-mail AND upload

Found this:

Led me to this:

Also this:

“Suppose you want to send a document to your team and add it to your team’s document library.”

Why yes, yes I do want to do that.

Apparently, by default, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 can be set up to receive e-mail:
1. Discussion Boards
2. Announcements
3. Calendars
4. Document libraries
5. Picture libraries
6. Form libraries
7. Blogs

It instructs me to find out which of your lists are enabled to receive email, or to obtain the email addresses of the lists, “see site owner or administrator.”

I am obviously interested in “Document Libraries.”

Picture Libraries might also be interesting for archiving images (e.g. screen captures) generated during research efforts – and could be a way to deal with the problem I’ve encountered in that my images are not archived when I use the “Press this” feature.

1. Learn if a library is set up to receive e-mail
2. Obtain the address from the person who set up the list or library

Could be in the description (probably not for the network analysis library)

Go to settings menu.
Go to “list settings” or settings for the type of library

If enabled to receive e-mail, address will appear under “List Information”

There also may be a “SharePoint group” enabling members to e-mail each other.

This will contain the addresses of the libraries.

If not, then I need to contact the site owner.

The second link from above might have some details for setting up “mail enabled document libraries”

I am going to check that out right now.

Another stackoverflow discussion on the topic, “Submit a document to sharepoint by e-mail” here:

This might be for a more advanced administrator:

Library Tools, Library Settings


Incoming e-mail settings
(note: rss settings also looks interesting)

Use this page to change the e-mail settings of this document library. You can set the e-mail address for this document library, choose to save or discard e-mail attachments, and set e-mail security policy.

name @ sharepoint domain

E-mail attachments – save all attachments grouped by e-mail sender (although I’d rather have them grouped by e-mail subject, but I don’t think this would make sense for the open notebook workflow).

E-mail security policy

Caution: If you allow e-mail from any sender, you are bypassing the security settings for the document library. This means that anyone could send an e-mail to the document library’s address and their item would be added. With this option turned on, you are opening your document library to spam or other unwanted e-mail messages.

Now that that’s set up, next step is to attempt to send an e-mail with attachment.

The first one I’ll send is entitled “document info” and contains three .docx word documents.

I’ll forward the e-mail to the sharepoint site and see what happens.

Also, I’m deleting everything above the horizontal rule in the outlook web app.

Sent at 3:23 pm

Check UT dataone sharepoint site

Looking at all documents.

I’m expecting a new folder to be created, something like tjessel.

Nothing at 3:24.



Clicking “Home”

1 – 15 with an arrow for more.

There is a new folder called ‘Jessel, Tanner Monroe’ with my e-mail in parenthesis. Created 7/25 at 3:25 pm.

I will need to let Dr. Davis know I modified this.

Now, I would like to move items in my folder to the “Network Analysis” folder.

Can I create a rule to do that automatically?

Unfortunately “library settings” takes me to the overall page.

When selecting all three,

Key features are disabled for my level of user settings:

E-mail a link

Even “Download a copy” is disabled.

Doesn’t seem right?

Perhaps click only one?

Try that.

Ah, “Send to” is enabled!

“Download a copy” is enabled!

How dumb though, that you cannot “send to” en massed.

Could I send an entire folder?

Destination document library or folder – Analysis/

I have to type this in. Annoying.

Also – the “test” did not work

I clicked the check box next to it to see if I can get a link.

Not possible, “e-mail a link” is disabled.

Click “Network Analysis” and “View Properties”

Clicked “edit item”

Only option is “Name”

Not really useful.

Clicked “copy”
Network Analysis

Trying “send to” again – this time analysis

“Status errors”
Could not find the destination item or folder on this server

I think the best option will be to e-mail Dr. Davis to see if she has some info on how to move the document from my “tjessel” folder to the “network analysis” folder.

Tried this:

Wow, this was successful!

But why can’t I move all three at the same time?

  The copy completed successfully.

Now to confirm:

Note: it is still in the original folder, but a copy

Also tried to create sub-folder, “Annual Reports,” but apparently it is not possible to move a folder.  This could be a frustrating bottle-neck in the workflow.  I still think I should ask Dr. Davis if she knows how to move multiple documents, or if she has a contact who can explain a better way.

About Tanner Jessel

I am a graduate research assistant funded by DataONE and pursuing a Masters in Information Sciences with an Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science. I assist scholarly research efforts supporting the Sociocultural, Usability and Assessment, and Member Nodes working groups within DataONE. I am based at the Center for Information and Communication Studies at the University of Tennessee School of Information Science in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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